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  • It's done! After nearly 2 years we finished compiling the results collected with DSBENCH-marking several servers and desktops.
  • Abstract: To find means to qualify arbitrary computers regarding their capability to act as a database server we perform a large number of tests to understand which characteristics of a computer system influence the performance most. We qualify performance by measuring storage system throughput and by extensively testing the system with a self--developed TPC-B like performance benchmark program called DSBENCH. Benchmarking produces a number of characteristic diagrams for a system as well as a single qualifying performance indicator (DSI) which we demonstrate to be useful to compare system performance easily.

Some conclusions regarding DSBENCH

  • DSBENCH is able to test PostgreSQL and Firebird database servers with both SELECT and standard TPC-B strategies.
  • Transactions are implemented as PSQL database functions. This turned out to be a performance gain compared to pgbench which realizes transactions as a set of primitive SQL commands.
  • A single DSBENCH run makes a comprehensive test by varying the database size, by acquiring all transaction residence times as well as CPU and IO load data. It writes result tables and diagrams that also contain a detailed residence time frequency distribution analysis. Load data and statistics help to identify the influence of the system stack layers to the overall performance. For quick comparison of plenty systems a single digit (logarithmically scaled) performance index DSI is calculated from the transaction rate function.
  • DSBENCH can also disclose network related bottlenecks by simultaneously stress testing a database server from many remote clients.


The full paper including appendix, ca. 50 MB.
The paper without appendix, ca. 1.4 MB.

DSBENCH released!

New Benchmark for Database Systems now available

Rajko Thon

DSBENCH in a Nutshell

  • DSBENCH is a new (as of 2016) cross-platform, cross-database benchmark which assesses the capability of a computer to act as a server for relational database systems
  • DSBENCH uses a "TPC-like" benchmark profile; its model is based on the technical parts of the TPC-B specification.
    DSBENCH is, however, NOT in any way certified by or related to the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) and does not claim to produce results compatible with TPC-B.
  • DSBENCH or the DSBENCH-site is not related to other tools with similar names. The solely focus of the DSBENCH software package as published on this website is on benchmarking database systems.
  • DSBENCH is easy to use and determines a characteristic performance profile as well as a performance indicator (DSI)
  • DSBENCH can be used locally on the system to be tested or to orchestrate a number of remote nodes (machines) which access the server simultaneously from a local network
  • DSBENCH is written in Python 3 and runs on Linux and Windows with Firebird and PostgreSQL as databases
  • DSBENCH is free software and is published under GPL V3 license

Download-Links (Version 1.1.9):

TAR-Archiv for Linux
ZIP-Archiv for Windows

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